Species under Pasiphaea
n= 38
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Pasiphaea acutifrons
Bate, 1888
Southern Pacific and Atlantic
Pasiphaea affinis
Rathbun, 1902
Eastern Pacific
Pasiphaea alcocki
(Wood-Mason, 1891)
Indo-West Pacific
Pasiphaea americana
Faxon, 1893
Glass shrimp Southeast Pacific
Pasiphaea antea
Rodrigues, Alves-Junior & Cardoso, 2018
Southwest Atlantic
Pasiphaea barnardi
Yaldwin, 1971
Oceania to Southern Atlantic
Pasiphaea chacei
Yaldwyn, 1962
Eastern Pacific and the Arctic
Pasiphaea corteziana
Rathbun, 1902
Eastern Central Pacific 2.38
Pasiphaea cristata
Bate, 1888
Southeast Pacific
Pasiphaea dofleini
Schmitt, 1932
Southeast Pacific
Pasiphaea dorsolineatus
Komai & Chan, 2012
Eastern Central Pacific
Pasiphaea emarginata
Rathbun, 1902
Eastern Pacific
Pasiphaea faxoni
Rathbun, 1902
Southeast Pacific 23
Pasiphaea flagellata
Rathbun, 1906
Southeast Pacific
Pasiphaea fragilis
Hayashi, 1999
Western Central Pacific
Pasiphaea gelasinus
Hayashi & Yaldwyn, 1998
Western Indian Ocean
Pasiphaea gracilis
Hayashi, 1999
Western Central Pacific
Pasiphaea grandicula
Burukovsky, 1976
Antarctic Atlantic and Southwest Indian Ocean
Pasiphaea kaiwiensis
Rathbun, 1906
Southwest Pacific
Pasiphaea kapala
Kensley, Tranter & Griffin, 1987
Western Central Pacific
Pasiphaea korzuni
Burukovsky, 1995
Western Indian Ocean 3.9
Pasiphaea ledoyeri
Hayashi, 2006
Antarctic Indian Ocean 6.4
Pasiphaea magna
Faxon, 1893
Eastern Pacific
Pasiphaea major
Hayashi, 2006
Pasiphaea merriami
Schmitt, 1931
Ghost comb shrimp Western Atlantic
Pasiphaea multidentata
Esmark, 1866
Pink glass shrimp Arctic, Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean 10.5
Pasiphaea oshoroae
Komai & Amaoka, 1993
Northeast Pacific
Pasiphaea pacifica
Rathbun, 1902
Pacific glass shrimp Eastern Pacific
Pasiphaea planidorsalis
Hayashi, 2004
Central Pacific
Pasiphaea poeyi
Chace, 1939
Western Central Atlantic
Pasiphaea propinqua
De Man, 1916
Western Central Pacific
Pasiphaea rathbunae
(Stebbing, 1914)
Antarctic and Western Indian Ocean
Pasiphaea scotiae
(Stebbing, 1914)
Western and Antarctic Indian Ocean
Pasiphaea sinensis
Hayashi & Miyake, 1971
Northwest Pacific
Pasiphaea sirenkoi
Burukovsky, 1987
Western Central Pacific
Pasiphaea sivado
(Risso, 1816)
White glass shrimp Eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean 2.15
Pasiphaea tarda
Krøyer, 1845
Crimson pasiphaeid Eastern Pacific, Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic
Pasiphaea telacantha
Hayashi, 2004
Western Central Pacific
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