Species under Eunoe
n= 13
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Eunoe alvinella
Pettibone, 1989
Eastern Pacific
Eunoe anderssoni
(Bergstrom, 1916)
Eunoe clarki
Pettibone, 1951
Eunoe depressa
Moore, 1905
depressed scale worm Arctic and Indo-Pacific
Eunoe kerguelensis
(McIntosh, 1885)
Antarctic Indian Ocean
Eunoe kermadeca
Kirkegaard, 1995
Southwest Pacific
Eunoe nodosa
(Sars, 1861)
giant scale worm Arctic, Northern Atlantic, Mediterranean and Northern Pacific
Eunoe oerstedi
Malmgren, 1865
multi-pronged scaleworm Arctic, Northern Atlantic and Northern Pacific
Eunoe opalina
McIntosh, 1885
Eunoe pallida
(Ehlers, 1908)
Indo-West Pacific
Eunoe rhizoicola
Hartmann-Schröder, 1962
Southeast Pacific
Eunoe senta
(Moore, 1902)
thorny scaleworm Arctic and Northeast Pacific
Eunoe tuerkayi
Barnich & Fiege, 2003
Mediterranean Sea
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