Species under Curtitoma
n= 18
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Curtitoma bartschi
(Bogdanov, 1985)
Northwest Pacific
Curtitoma becklemishevi
Bogdanov, 1989
Northwest Pacific
Curtitoma conoidea
(Sars, 1878)
Northern Atlantic and the Arctic 1.02
Curtitoma decussata
(Couthuoy, 1839)
decussate turrid Western Atlantic and the Arctic
Curtitoma fiora
(Dall, 1919)
Northern Pacific
Curtitoma hebes
(Verrill, 1880)
Western Atlantic 0.9
Curtitoma incisula
(Verrill, 1882)
incised northern turrid Arctic and Norther Atlantic 1.05
Curtitoma lawrenciana
(Dall, 1919)
Northern Pacific
Curtitoma microvoluta
(Okutani, 1964)
Pacific Ocean
Curtitoma neymanae
Bogdanov, 1989
Northern Pacific
Curtitoma niigataensis
Bogdanov & Ito, 1992
Northwest Pacific
Curtitoma novajasemljensis
(Leche, 1878)
Northern Atlantic and the Arctic 1.1
Curtitoma ovalis
(Friele, 1877)
Atlantic Ocean 0.46
Curtitoma piltuniensis
(Bogdanov, 1985)
Northern Pacific
Curtitoma reticulata
(Brown, 1827)
Atlantic Ocean and Eastern Pacific 0.9
Curtitoma trevelliana
(Turton, 1834)
Northeast Atlantic and the Arctic
Curtitoma trevellianum
(Turton, 1834)
Northeast Atlantic
Curtitoma violacea
(Mighels & Adams, 1842)
Northern Atlantic and the Arctic 0.9
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