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78904 Ivanov, B.G. and A.M. Hassan 1976 Penaeid shrimps (Decapoda, Penaeidae) collected off East Africa by the fishing vessel "Van Gogh", 1. Solenocera ramadani sp. nov., and commercial specie sof the genera Penaeus and Metapenaeus. Crustaceana 30(3):241-251. 1976 Penaeopsis balssi -->
249 Ivanov, B.G. and V.V. Krylov 1980 Length-weight relationship in some common prawns and lobsters (Macrura, Natantia and Reptantia) from the western Indian Ocean. Crustaceana 38(3):279-289. 1980 Penaeopsis balssi 283-284
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99827 OBIS 2015 Penaeopsis balssi Ivanov and Hassan, 1976. OBIS Search Interface. [Accessed 2/11/2015]. 2015 Penaeopsis balssi -->
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