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Scientific Names where Genus Equals Surcula
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Scientific Name n = 28 Author Valid Name Family English Name
Surcula aethiopica Thiele, 1925 Turricula aethiopica Turridae
Surcula amplisulcus Barnard, 1958 Turricula amplisulcus Turridae
Surcula biconica Schepman, 1913 Anticlinura biconica Turridae
Surcula celebensis Schepman, 1913 Benthomangelia celebensis Conidae
Surcula exstructa Von Martens, 1904 Comitas exstructa Turridae
Surcula faurei Barnard, 1958 Turricula faurei Turridae
Surcula gatchensis Hervier, 1896 Turridrupa gatchensis Turridae
Surcula gemmulaeformis Thiele, 1925 Turricula gemmulaeformis Turridae
Surcula javana (Linnaeus, 1758) Turricula javana Turridae Javanese turrid
Surcula laura Thiele, 1925 Comitas laura Turridae
Surcula macilenta Melvill, 1923 Drillia macilenta Drilliidae
Surcula magnifica Strebel, 1908 Aforia magnifica Turridae
Surcula malayana Thiele, 1925 Comitas malayana Turridae
Surcula melvilli Schepman, 1913 Comitas melvilli Turridae
Surcula nierstraszi Schepman, 1913 Marshallena nierstraszi Turridae
Surcula obtusigemmata Schepman, 1913 Comitas obtusigemmata Turridae
Surcula perksi Verco, 1896 Epidirona perksi Turridae
Surcula pulchra Schepman, 1913 Gymnobela pulchra Conidae
Surcula pyramidalis Schepman, 1913 Leucosyrinx pyramidalis Turridae
Surcula scalaria Barnard, 1958 Turricula scalaria Turridae
Surcula sulcicancellata Barnard, 1958 Turricula sulcicancellata Turridae
Surcula sumatrana Thiele, 1925 Turricula sumatrana Turridae
Surcula supracostata Schepman, 1913 Typhlosyrinx supracostata Turridae
Surcula suratensis Thiele, 1925 Comitas suratensis Turridae
Surcula timorensis Schepman, 1913 Borsonia timorensis Turridae
Surcula trophonoidea Schepman, 1913 Benthomangelia trophonoidea Conidae
Surcula undosa Schepman, 1913 Comitas undosa Turridae
Surcula variabilis Schepman, 1913 Shutonia variabilis Turridae
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