21 Nov 2014 HCMR-Seminar Series SeaLifeBase ‘FishBase for groups other than fishes’ Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Gourner, Crete M.L.D. Palomares
03-05 Nov 2014 National Symposium on Fisheries & Philippine Fisheries: Taking Stock; Oceana-Philippines in partnership with the Sea Around Us of the Fisheries Centre (University of British Columbia, Vancouver) Presented as part of workshop facilitators. Luxent Hotel, Quezon City, Philippines M.L.D. Palomares and D. Pauly; V. Parducho, J. Espedido, & M. Bimbao (facilitators)
08-11 Sep 2014 12th FishBase Symposium on Big Old Data and shiny New Insights: Using FishBase for Research IsotopeBase: a new stable isotope-based trophic addition to FishBase and SeaLifeBase (T. Miller) Beaty Biodiversity Museum, UBC, Vancouver, Canada M.L.D. Palomares
30 Apr – 02 May 2014 Salish Sea Conference The Salish Sea in FishBase and SeaLifeBase (M.L.D. Palomares , P.M.S. Yap, E. Bato, J.C. Espedido, L.P. Urriquia, M.P. Saniano, V.A. Parducho, D. Pauly) UBC, Vancouver, Canada M.L.D. Palomares
2 Sep 2013 11th FishBase Symposium: More Fish and more Completing island ecosystems with FishBase and SeaLifeBase (M.L.D. Palomares)

FishBase/SeaLifeBase in e-infrastructures and other aggregators: status, policies, future (N.Bailly)
Thessaloniki, Greece M.L.D. Palomares
04-10 Mar 2013 3rd Southeast Asian Marine Mammal Symposium (SEAMAM III) An overview of the impact of fisheries on marine mammal populations in the Philippines (M.L.D. Palomares, Sorongon-Yap, P.M.) SeaLifeBase (Sorongon-Yap, P.M.) Fave Hotel, Langkawi Island, Malaysia P. Sorongon-Yap
12-16 Nov 2012 Integrating Biodiversity Research, Education, Public Engagement and Conservation (Resource Person) UP MSI – California Academy of Sciences J. Espedido
25 Jun 2012 Fish for Food Seminar Series FishBase and SeaLifeBase current status and efforts to complete lists by areas (N. Bailly and M.L.D.Palomares) WorldFish Center, Penang, Malaysia M.L.D. Palomares
22 May 2012 Marine Biodiversity Forum DENR Social Hall, Quezon City, Philippines P. Sorongon-Yap and M. Pan
15-17 Jun 2011 22nd Pacific Science Congress Discovering marine biodiversity in the Asia Pacific
Philippine marine biodiversity in FishBase and SeaLIfeBase: an update (M.L.D. Palomares, E. Capuli, M. Pan and N. Bailly)
Relative abundance estimates of whale watching target species in Southeast Asia (Sorongon, PM.E. and M.L.D. Palomares)
Global outbreaks of Acanthaster planci (Linnaeus, 1758): confluence of events and patterns of outbreaks (Pan, M. And M.L.D. Palomares
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia P. Sorongon and M. Pan
25-27 May 2011 11th Annual Scientific Meeting Philippine Society for the Study of Nature Size structure of Acanthaster planci populations in Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park, Sulu Sea, Philippines (M. Pan , V. Hilomen and M.L.D. Palomares)
The role of the Biodiversity Information Systems in the environmental and natural resources management (N. Bailly)
Institute of Biological Sciences, University of the Philippines, Los Baños, Laguna M. Pan and M.L.D. Palomares
27 May 2011 11th Conference Philippine Society for the Study of Nature The importance of FishBase and SeaLifeBase in regional and national IUCN Red List Assessment of marine species (P. Sorongon and E. Capuli) Centennial Center for Digital Learning, UP Open University, IRRI, Los Baños, Laguna P. Sorongon
28-29 Jun 2010 Coral Triangle Initiative Manila Ocean Park, Philippines P. Sorongon
01 Feb 2010 Seminar on Statistical Analysis using Primer by Megan Mach Conference room, Khush Hall, IRRI P. Sorongon
14 Dec 2009 FishBase, SeaLifeBase and database-driven ecosystem modeling (M.L.D. Palomares) UP MSI M.L.D. Palomares
24-25 Nov 2009 EAS Congress Aquatic Biodiversity Informatics Office The WorldFish Center/FIN Products, Service, Partnerships (M.L.D. Palomares, N. Bailly, and M. Pan) PICC, Manila, Philippines SLB Team
9 Sep 2009 FishBase mini-Symposium SeaLifeBase: ‘FishBase for groups other than fishes’ (M.L.D. Palomares) FAO, Rome M.L.D. Palomares
30 Aug - 1 Sep 2009 Ecopath 25 years: conference and workshops Fisheries Centre, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada M.L.D. Palomares
19 May 2009 WFC Tuesday Seminars Toward an account of the biodiversity of Chinese coastal and shelf waters: the roles of SeaLifeBase, FishBase and other online databases (B. Huang, W. Cheung, V.W.Y. Lam, M.L.D. Palomares, D. Pauly, and P. Sorongon) P. Sorongon and M.L.D. Palomares
12 May 2009 WFC Tuesday Seminars Data from old scientific expeditions: seamount species sampled by the H.M.S. Challenger, a case study (J. Conejar-Espedido, E. Laxamana, L. Pacres, L. Paglinawan, P. Sorongon and M.L.D. Palomares) WorldFish Center Philippine Office, Los Baños, Laguna SLB Team
11-14 Nov 2008 Session 4.4 on Emerging paradigms in coastal research, World Conference on Marine Biodiversity FishBase and SeaLifeBase: database-driven modelling of marine ecosystems (M.L.D. Palomares and D. Pauly) Valencia, Spain M.L.D. Palomares
1 Sep 2008 FishBase Symposium Toward an account of the biodiversity of Chinese coastal and shelf waters: the roles of SeaLifeBase, FishBase and other online databases (B. Huang, W. Cheung, V.W.Y. Lam, M.L.D. Palomares , P. Sorongon, and D. Pauly) Chinese Academy of Fisheries Science, Qing Dao, China M.L.D. Palomares
23 Jul 2008 Philippine Mollusk Symbiont International Cooperative Biodiversity Groups Inaugural Symposium NIGS Auditorium, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines SLB Team
26 Jun 2008 Professional Lecture by Felino P. Lansigan on the Frequency analysis of extreme hydrologic events and water stress in a changing climate Drilon Hall, SEARCA, College, Laguna P. Sorongon
12 Mar 2008 Panukat Isda Event Imperial Palace, Quezon City, Philippines SLB Team
04 Dec 2007 Alien fish species in SE Asia: Pathways, Biological Characteristics, Establishment and Invasiveness by Christine Casal Drilon Hall, SEARCA, College, Laguna P. Sorongon
27-29 Nov 2007 6th European Conference on Ecological Modelling ECEM ‘07 SeaLifeBase as a support system for modelling marine ecosystems (D.Pauly, W.W.L. Cheung and M.L.D. Palomares) Trieste, Italy M.L.D. Palomares
26 Nov 2007 IFS Grant Writing Proposal Seminar SEARCA, UPLB P. Sorongon
28-31 Oct 2007 Philippine Biogeography: An Intensive Course by Dr. Lawrence R. Heaney Institute of Biology, UP Diliman P. Sorongon, M. Pan and C. Dar
24-26 Oct 2007 9th National Symposium in Marine Science Philippine marine biodiversity thru SeaLifeBase: current progress and gaps (M. Pan) Punta Villa Resort, Arevalo, Iloilo City, Philippines M. Pan
21-23 Sep 2007 Celebrate the Sea Event Coconut Palace, Roxas Blvd, Cultural Center Complex Manila, Philippines P. Sorongon
22 Sep 2007 2nd International Barcode of Life Conference SeaLifeBase as a complement to and extension of FishBase (M.L.D. Palomares) Taipei, Taiwan M.L.D. Palomares
5 Sep 2007 5th FishBase Symposium SeaLifeBase as a compliment to, and extension of, FishBase (D. Pauly and M.L.D. Palomares)
Past, present and future from FishBase to SpeciesBase (C.E. Nauen)
Royal Museum for Central Africa, Tervuren, Belgium M.L.D. Palomares
09 Aug 2007 Management and recovery of Sea Cucumber Fisheries: from research to decision support by Dr. Steve Purcell University of the Philippines-Marine Science Institute, University of the Philippines, Diliman Quezon City P. Sorongon, M. Pan, C. Dar and M.L.D. Palomares
07 Aug 2007 The Role of Business in Dealing with Social Problems by Mr. Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala II Havener Auditorium, IRRI P. Sorongon
3 Jul 2007 Twelfth meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice (SBSTTA 12) SeaLifeBase (D. Pauly and M.L.D. Palomares) UNESCO, Paris M.L.D. Palomares
29 Jun 2007 The Status of Coastal Fisheries in the Philippines: Easing the Pressure and Improving Management for the Sustainable Use of Fisheries Resources by V.V. Hilomen Biological Science Bldg, UPLB P. Sorongon
22 Jun 2007 Sulu-Sulawesi Seascape Congress The Richmonde Hotel, Manila, Philippines P. Sorongon and M. Pan
08 Mar 2007 Research on Seahorses and their relatives: using science to advance marine conservation by Dr. Keith Martin- Smith Room 8, Khush Hall, IRRI P. Sorongon
13 Feb 2007 Global Trends in Fisheries by Rainer Froese SEARCA, UPLB P. Sorongon
20 Sep 2006 Oil Spills: Disposal, Remediation, and Monitoring CSSP Multimedia Room (Room 400), Palma Hall, UP Diliman P. Sorongon
6 Sep 2006 The FishBase mini-Symposium: “Fishes in Databases and Ecosystems” A preliminary list of English common cames for as yet unnamed fish families (M.L.D. Palomares, N. Bailly, R. Froese, and D. Pauly)
Growth, reproduction and food of the mudskipper, Periophthalmus barbarus on mudflats of Freetown, Sierra Leone (I. Turay, J. M. Vakily, M.L.D. Palomares , and D. Pauly)
Fisheries Centre, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada M.L.D. Palomares